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05-25-12 12:02 PM - Post#1149886    

If you are seeking a source of CAST, .40 cal. R.E.A.L. bullets to shoot in your Slow Twist, .40 cal. rifles, there is one.

Bullet: Hollow based, .40 caliber, 2 wide grease grooves, rounded OGIVE, flat nose, weighing 132.8 grains, and .6" long.

Source: Vance Manufacturing( Tony Vance), 152 Bank St., Rushsylvania, Ohio, 43347; Phone: 937-468-7713
[Vance is also the maker of Rush Creek Round Balls].

Comment: The tested samples were approx. .001" over bore diameter, and a bullet centering device was used to start the bullets into the bore's muzzle. Once the bullet was engraved with the lands, the bullet passed on down easily. Rifle has a 1:48" ROT, with grooves for shooting PRBs. Accuracy at 25 and 50 yards was very good. For best accuracy, bore should be wiped clean between shots. Further testing to 100 yds. is pending until more bullets are obtained.

So far, the bullet seems promising for those wanting .40 cal. bullets who don't want to cast their own.{Added comment: This is probably a version of an old .38-40 Pistol bullet. You might find and old mold made by Lyman for a similar bullet.} As with all cast bullets, sizing dies may be needed to fit a particular gun's bore, and lubricating the grease grooves is always a problem. SPG lube was hand rubbed into the grooves for these limited test firings.


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