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CA Bowhunter 
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CA Bowhunter
05-20-12 11:15 AM - Post#1148163    

Can you shoot shot down your rifled barrel like a smooth bore?

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05-20-12 11:28 AM - Post#1148166    

    In response to CA Bowhunter

Not with much accuracy beyond a snake load.
The Rifling quickly "spins" the shot into a doughnut shape opening the pattern.
And the shot fowls the rifling, plugging it up making it ineffective when going back to a proper projectile.

You won't really wreck anything it just doesn't work very well.

There are guy's out there that say using a modern plastic cup works well, or rolling shot in a paper tube does it,, but you never see'm at a shoot doing it and the success stories are usually short lived.
Molon Labe~

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05-20-12 11:33 AM - Post#1148169    

    In response to CA Bowhunter

Not really, It could be done but the rifling will spin the shot column causing the shot to be pulled outward due to centripetal force. The shot would fly through the air in the shape of a doughnut, expanding the further it goes. The pattern you would see would be an annulus, a circular pattern with a hole in the middle. So you wouldn't hit what you aimed at.

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05-21-12 09:37 AM - Post#1148442    

    In response to CA Bowhunter

Some boar rifles were straight rifled but it seems this was meant for roundballs at short range. You can use shot in a straight rifled barrel but it's a trade-off with roundballs. For the purpose of hunting, an extra barrel on a suitable stock or a combination gun (if legal) may be of use to you. Otherwise a separate shotgun and a rifle.

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05-21-12 08:23 PM - Post#1148668    

    In response to dyemaker

Once toyed with the idea of how far could you get usable shot patterns from a really slow rifling spin that required a lot of velocity to get enough spin on a patched round ball. Included in that was a stout breech and proper stock configuration to take the recoil. And heavy shot charges.
After thinking it all over it looked much easier to use a smoothbore like a rifle.
And some day I'd really like to have a light weight small bore flinter shotgun with a very strong breech and a long barrel that tapers to a thin wall at the muzzle.

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05-31-12 04:38 PM - Post#1152054    

    In response to CA Bowhunter

  • CA Bowhunter Said:
Can you shoot shot down your rifled barrel like a smooth bore?

Some of us have gotten even (not donut) but very fast-opening patterns. I used a tied paper shot-cartridge with 3/4oz of #7.5 in my .50 with 1:48" twist shallow-groove rifling over ~45gr of FFFg, with a patch rammed over the powder, and had patterns that were usable to maybe 10yds or a bit more for vermin or small game & upland birds, possibly another 5-7yds for flock-shooting in a survival situation. The paper protected from leading & shot-deformation (mostly), while it was slit by the edges of the rifling so there was no interference with the pattern.


Squirrel Tail 
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Squirrel Tail
05-31-12 04:51 PM - Post#1152062    

    In response to CA Bowhunter

I have done extensive experiments using shot from a rifled barrel, without and with various types of shot cups. As long as you have something around the shot column in the barrel the often-predicted donut hole in the middle does not seem to appear however the pattern gets very wide very fast.

The simplest is to wrap the shot in 3 wraps of newspaper tied at the front and back with very thin white string, like a little sausage, lube, ram down the barrel to sit on top of the charge, but don't smash it down as hard as you can. There are more complicated procedures I've tried, but none I've tried that actually work better. Squirrel range would be 15 yards at the most, 10 yards would be the practical maximum from my experience.

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