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05-19-12 07:07 PM - Post#1148007    

liked a muzzleloader at midway asked about shipping to michigan i was told go to a gun dealer to have it shipped went to gun dealer they called midway and then they said no shipping to michigan gun dealer argued but got no where anyone else have this problem??

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05-20-12 12:48 PM - Post#1148189    

    In response to avoca

  • avoca Said:
anyone else have this problem??

Tried to buy a Blue Ridge rifle from Cabelas about ten or so years ago and got told "sorry can`t ship to Michigan". Most recently (about a year ago) I tried to order a Crocket rifle KIT from the Possible Shop right here at the top of the forum page. Got told the same thing "sorry can`t ship to Michigan".
If they actually knew the law they can, as muzzleloading LONG GUNS are not considered guns here and do not need to ship to an FFL. Blackpowder HANDGUNS are considered the same as modern ones and must go to an FFL.
What I think happens is that some places take any state that has any firearms shipping restrictions at all and lump them into a "NO SHIP" list. That way their backside is covered and they don`t have to bother checking any laws. I look at it this way, I don`t need to do business with those kind of places anyway so it`s their loss. I`ve always been able to get what I want through someone here "in state" anyway if I take alittle time to work at it. I like to keep as much of my $$ as I can here at home anyway.

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05-20-12 01:47 PM - Post#1148204    

    In response to SgtSchutzen

I have a C&R FFL and they won't ship to me either. Offer to send them a signed copy and still no go. But other places have no problems selling and shipping to me the 50+yr old cartridge guns -- like surplus old military rifles.

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05-20-12 03:02 PM - Post#1148228    

    In response to Oldnamvet

I have had no problems as of yet having BP guns sent to me. The only instance that was a slow down was at Cabela's I had to email them proof of age. they sent me a form filled it out had someone noterize that it was me sent it back and 2 days later I had my 1851 pistol. Now they say it will be easier since they will have me on file. I have had 2 1853 Enfields shipped to me from locade Runner, a couple of guns from Buffalo Bills in tampa, a 58 remy from Cimerron, a 58 remy from Falls Creek. I have just never had a problem that 5 minutes of time didn't solve. Hope you have better luck.

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05-21-12 10:36 AM - Post#1148459    

    In response to SgtSchutzen

"If they actually knew the law"

They do. This has got nothing to do with firearms, it's that they don't want to apply for a sales tax license. Your boy Snyder has been prosecuting folks for tax violations.

I have this problem with bicycle parts distributors.

Think about us the next time you see a "Pure MI" advertisement on TV.

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