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04-11-12 01:37 PM - Post#1133076    

I thought this crew would enjoy this

Here are some pics of the new Hern Iron Works cannon barrel. I'm very pleased with the tube, especially for what I paid for it. These cost less than a new musket. These are a new product at Hern. They are no even on the website yet.

link to pics

The styling is perfect for a late 18th cen gun. The outside dimensions are true to a 3 pounder, although the bore size is slightly smaller at 2.25 inch. These are the stats from the foundry.

46" overall length
5 7/8" at muzzle
7 1/4" at breech
2 1/2" trunnion length
2 1/4" trunnion diameter
6 1/2" cheek space
23" center of trunnion to end of cascabel
260 lb weight

The surface is not as well finished as more expensive guns. It has a 1/4 inch steel sleeve. The casting line is slightly visible and the surface feels like 80 grit sandpaper. It is usable as is, but could stand some sanding to make it more presentable.

Hern markets these as a "Verbruggen," but they are a far cry from that. The Verbruggen was a light 3 pounder Infantry support gun. The tube was shorter and lighter and made of bronze. This is essentially a standard 3 pounder in size and shape.

I'm not sure how I will mount this yet. It may be next year before I tackle the project. I ordered it now because a friend did the same and we got a cut rate by ordering two at once ($680 each).

Mark in Alabama

Carteret Kid 
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04-11-12 11:07 PM - Post#1133253    

    In response to threepdr


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04-12-12 10:18 AM - Post#1133347    

    In response to Carteret Kid

Mark, if this turns out as nicely as your king's howitzer, it will be a lovely build to watch!

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04-12-12 11:47 AM - Post#1133371    

    In response to threepdr

That'a a really neat little tube. Please keep us posted (pics please!) on how it goes...


Carteret Kid 
45 Cal.
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04-12-12 08:36 PM - Post#1133567    

    In response to threepdr

Another gun for my Lottery List.
The imperfect finish is probably more PC. Face it wars were not fought with shinny pristine weapons.

Edited by Carteret Kid on 04-12-12 08:38 PM. Reason for edit: No reason given.

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04-26-12 11:37 PM - Post#1139013    

    In response to Carteret Kid

Yours is almost the same specks as this welded piece I am working on.

Rotten Richie 
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10-16-13 10:14 AM - Post#1321795    

    In response to threepdr

The Second Albany Militia purchased a smaller tube from Hern, and I made a garrison carriage for it.
Now we're thinking about getting this larger tube for a field carriage. I was wondering if you'd bought any other parts such as square caps for your cannon? On the garrison carriage the Hern square caps were very useful because of the tapered sides.

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10-28-13 07:45 PM - Post#1325777    

    In response to Rotten Richie

That was a year and a half ago.

I couldn't get Hern to respond to simple e-Mails, and knowing where they were going I did indeed keep them simple.


Rescue Mike 
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Rescue Mike
11-06-13 11:48 PM - Post#1328814    

    In response to Rotten Richie

That cannon is absolutely amazing! I have got to get me one of those!
Tomahawk Zombie Killer

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