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08-15-11 08:56 PM - Post#1031694    

Are there any states that have a special season for deer hunting with flintlocks only?

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08-16-11 02:18 AM - Post#1031807    

    In response to ohiochuck


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08-16-11 08:08 AM - Post#1031856    

    In response to wvbuckbuster

Not many, most are under muzzleloaders or primitive weapons.

Cheers, DonK

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08-30-11 03:07 PM - Post#1038201    

    In response to msuspartandon

I wish.

Sothern Zone of NY is flintlock only for the nine days after regular season with the exception of percussion, in-lines, iron sights, scope sights, ranging second (late) season for traditional bows, non-traditional bows, pin-sights, lazer sights, transvestsites and now crossbows.

I'm not sure about Maverick missiles but would not rule them out.
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08-30-11 05:40 PM - Post#1038254    

    In response to ohiochuck

Although its not flintlock only, TN wildlife refuges have a pretty good thing going October 8-9. its a primitive hunt, no scopes,No inlines. ONLY longbows, recurves and side hammers with iron sights. The limit is 3 deer all bonus and 1 can be antlered. It also means a quiet peaceful time in the woods. TN has way too many folks pretending to be shooting muzzleloaders these days dropping 2-3 powder pellets and shoving rifle bullets wrapped in plastic down the barrel. Since that doesnt work too good in a side hammer, They have to stay home for this one.

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10-14-11 08:17 PM - Post#1055497    

    In response to ohiochuck

Not in Oklahoma.
Wish they had a season for sidelocks only.
In-lines w/ 9x250 powered scopes and jacketed bullets belong in regular gun season.

ny griz 
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10-15-11 06:31 AM - Post#1055576    

    In response to Vearl

Seems like N.Y is in the primitive days with their game laws.The only thing is they don't know it.I contacted the DEC and the editorial colomn of the N.Y Outdoors news paper about a 3 day primitive hunt,but to know availe.Not much interest i guess. Griz

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10-15-11 08:25 AM - Post#1055596    

    In response to ny griz

My deer hunting in North Carolina is a special Flintlock only season, running from October 29th through January 1st.
(but its my choice, not the state of NC...LOL)
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10-16-11 11:55 AM - Post#1056003    

    In response to ohiochuck

Dec 7- Dec 20
1 either sex
Minimum of .45
scopes allowed

Oh I'm sorry. I missed "flintlock only" part. This one is muzzleloader only season.

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10-16-11 12:54 PM - Post#1056040    

    In response to ohiochuck

Not in Va. It's just a "muzzleloading" season prior to the regular firearms season. No matter, I use flint from the start and all the way through, period.
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10-18-11 09:45 AM - Post#1056690    

    In response to ohiochuck

Wish we had something like that in Arkansas. The muzzle loading only season was originally intended to provide a quiet, low pressure, early season hunt for a limited number of people. I remember the woods were quiet and the hunts very enjoyable. As the sport grew the woods more resembled shopping center parking lots, but noiser. Then the inlines came along and ancillary businesses (gas stations, restaurants, motels, etc.) saw the dollars coming in and, now, the ml season is simply an extension of regular deer seasons. The tradition part is gone, it is a meat harvest only.

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10-18-11 04:49 PM - Post#1056867    

    In response to Rifleman1776

I have read that PA is the only state with a state wide dedicated flint lock only season. It starts the day after Christmas, (unless it is a Sunday) and runs for three weeks. During that same time, archers are also in the woods for deer.

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10-25-11 08:27 PM - Post#1059994    

    In response to zimmerstutzen

  • zimmerstutzen Said:
I have read that PA is the only state with a state wide dedicated flint lock only season. It starts the day after Christmas, (unless it is a Sunday) and runs for three weeks. During that same time, archers are also in the woods for deer.

All true. We also have an early Muzzleloader season, which is antlerless only, and open to flintlock, percussion, and those other things. There's a big push to get Sunday hunting here now too, and I sure hope it passes!

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