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12-22-08 09:47 PM - Post#653966    

    In response to gmww

Maybe I wasn't clear on this, but I've eaten hundreds of pounds of ground venison--most of it 100% venison. Some with beef fat, but not much.

Running around the block is not for me. I'm a rider. Will start training again in a few days--looks like it might be indoors. Longest race last year was good for 7000 calories. Have a longer one on the schedule for this year. It's 12-hours.

The most sound and complete nutritional/media/politics read out there is The China Study. Everyone on my Christmas list is getting a copy. It's that good. PM/PT me for more on that. But I must say that I'm lighter and healthier now at 42 than I was at 32 or even younger.

If'n I'm going to make sausage, I'll use pork fat and a ton of spices...

oh, and Climate Change is a great fiction of the mind of the man who claims a state he does not really live in (mansions) and never carried his "home" state in a national election. I can direct you to real science, because unlike Gore, I have no stake in the matter.

Pork Chop 
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Pork Chop
12-23-08 08:46 AM - Post#654101    

    In response to WadePatton

A semi-favorite quote of mine:

"Al Gore didn't invent the internet, but he did however make up global warming..."

50 Cal.
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12-23-08 07:17 PM - Post#654389    

    In response to Pork Chop

classic gore I showed a movie to my earth science class on the New Madrid Fault in southern Illinois area He was all about how we have to run like chicken little. You know we already pay taxes on the fuel used to render up the deer fat will they try to tax us the 11% for manufacturing sporting goods?

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12-24-08 11:12 AM - Post#654684    

    In response to buttonbuck

Ok, I made the tallow last night and it turned out really great. I did some internet research before I began and found two schools of thought: first is to boil the fat, and second is fry the fat in a pan. I tried the boil method first and let it boil for 2 hours and it didn't appear to be rendering, so I boiled the water out and then fried the fat and made some real good progress. I simmered it as low as possible and within a few hours I had it all rendered down. I then boiled it in water and poured into a bowl. I let it cool for a while at room temp and then put in the refrigerator til morning. I then took it out this morning and reboiled it in water and poured it back in a boil as I filtered it. Once this cools, I will repeat one more time to make sure I get all the impurities and salt out of it. This is really a blast to make. Now where can I get some more deer fat . . .

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12-24-08 11:26 AM - Post#654686    

    In response to paco97

If you had put it through a grinder first, it would have rendered out in 3 to 4 hours. It really speeds things up.

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12-24-08 03:35 PM - Post#654806    

    In response to Swampy

I really didn't have that much to justify grinding it. So I took my butcher knife and chopped it pretty small.

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12-24-08 09:41 PM - Post#654931    

    In response to buttonbuck

  • buttonbuck Said:
I have also mixed 1/3 25% fat burger in with deer and it bound well, it is just not as cheap as fat.

Works for me too.
We'll also double grind some slab bacon with the venison.
That works great for burgers.


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