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silent sniper 
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08-22-08 09:11 PM - Post#604649    

does anyone make any 32 or 36 caliber conical bullets ? I was wondering if they would work at all for more power and better long range accuracy? I thought it would be cool to try as you could make a long conical bullet that could be a lot heavier then a RB which would mean lots more foot pounds of hitting energy. I was just wondering if anyone ever tried making them and if so what were there results ?

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08-22-08 10:47 PM - Post#604681    

    In response to silent sniper

I shoot .319 pistol bullets in my .32's...
and minnies. I see Blue grouse is offering .32 minnies and maxiballs....

Passed On
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08-22-08 11:24 PM - Post#604685    

    In response to silent sniper

Lyman makes molds for .32 caliber bullets in several weights and nose designs. And the .36 caliber has several different conicals available for it. I know some shooters who have had success using .38 spl. Hollow-based Wadcutters in their .36 guns. ( diameter is .358") Not a bad load to use on coyote called into a stand and shot at close ranges.

Because of the caliber, and the usual rate of twist for the rifling, most owners never bother to shoot conicals out of these small caliber rifles. Instead, they use them with PRB for small game, and love the little guns BECAUSE they don't have a lot of recoil. There are plenty of larger bored rifles available in both RB and Conical Rates of Twist for hunting anything larger.

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08-22-08 11:39 PM - Post#604690    

    In response to silent sniper

I have seen several small double cavity moulds with one a ball and the other a solid conical, they were originals but I don't know from what time period and whether they were for rifles or pistols, some look to be in the .32.38 cal range, so some have done this in the past but it is hard to say to what degree, and some evidently are doing it today with whatever modern bullets that are available.
The smoke's blown out the vent till there is no more,then a charge of powder I pour, patch&ball go down the bore, shoulder the gun and fire some more

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08-23-08 05:02 AM - Post#604713    

    In response to silent sniper

My wife and daughter shoot a CVA Squirrel rifle and a TC Seneca. The CVA Squirrel rifle is a .32 and the TC Seneca is a .36. They both use Maxi-balls from time to time. I am relly impressed with the performance they are getting out of the Maxis. The CVA .32 is a tack driver with those cute little things, the .36 is good but not up to the .32s performance.
Occasionally you can find .32 and .36 TC molds on ebay but they quickly get bid up to very high prices. The .32 molds are espicially hard to get so they command higher prices then the .36 maxi molds. I was fortunate to get a .32 Maxi-Ball mold for a great price when I bought the CVA .32 here on the forum. The .36 mold I have is made by Lyman and it is a 4 cavity Maxi-Ball gang mold, that came from a local gun show and cost $80 without the handles.
Are they as accurate as patched round balls ? Well the .32 Maxis in the little CVA squirrel rifle sure is. The .36 TC Seneca definately likes patched round balls better but it will produce 2 1/2 -3 1/2 inch groups at 50 yards with Maxis. I have tried store bought Maxis in it I bourht at Dixons and they shoot the same as my home molded ones, maby it is the rifle but to compare the 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 inch groups from the .36 maxis to the beautifull clover leafs the rifle produces with patched round balls is simply night and day.
Before you spring for a mold buy some Maxis and try them, see how your gun likers them. Chuck Dixon has .32 and .36 Maxi-balls in stock , call him at 610-756-6271.

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