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45 Cal.
Posts: 701
12-27-07 08:29 PM - Post#508409    

Does anyone have a Cabela's Hawken? If so what are your thoughts? I found a used one that interests me. 58 Cal.guess they don't offer the 58 cal. any more.

Mad Professor 
50 Cal.
Posts: 1295
12-27-07 08:51 PM - Post#508415    

    In response to Hacksaw

Nearly the same as lyman plains rifle (not great plains). Both made by Investarm, main difference is patchbox design and engraving on the lockplate. 28 in. 15/16 1-48 twist barrel. Will shoot patched RB or conicals with good accuracy if you load properly.

I have a lyman, a longtime friend has the cabelas, both are reliable good shooters.

P.S. GM and/or TC barrels can be fitted to the stock assy

40 Cal.
Posts: 474
12-28-07 12:37 PM - Post#508685    

    In response to Hacksaw

If you don't want it, I'll take it in a minute.. I have one in .50 perc. It is very acurate and reliable.

58 Cal.
Posts: 2492
12-28-07 02:15 PM - Post#508733    

    In response to FPDoc

Good hunting rifle and good shooters.I had one but sold it to a buddy and he likes it.

32 Cal.
Posts: 6
12-29-07 08:16 PM - Post#509372    

    In response to Hacksaw

I've had a Cabelas Hawkin .50 flintlock for about 6 years now. I bought when I was just getting into muzzleloading and have been more than happy. I was a bit skeptical at first given that word "Cabelas" is stamped on the barrel, but the gun has been very accurate and held up well. I've taken 8 or 9 deer with it and have greatly enjoyed shooting it for fun.

Ol Ephraim 
40 Cal.
Posts: 154
12-30-07 01:29 PM - Post#509610    

    In response to Hacksaw

Came across a 58 Cabelas myself, only I was a day late getting back to the guy, same as above if you don't take it sent me the info I'd like to look into it.

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