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45 Cal.
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10-10-07 02:03 AM - Post#470261    

Hi guys, Just a question , any one here have one of those brass framed classic arms snake eyes kits?
Just looks neat, So I am curious as to its specs.
Some pictures would be nice too.


Poor Private 
58 Cal.
Posts: 2064
Poor Private
10-10-07 05:23 PM - Post#470487    

    In response to bessbattlesystem

I found one at a antique show in my area. The guy selling it thought it was a decoration or paper weight. I bought it for $20. I cleaned it up. I havn't "live" fired it yet, but have used it for a hideout gun in Civil War reenactments. Putting 25 grains down each barrel then packing oatmeal on top creates a nice bang. Had to make my own ramrod tho but not hard. Both barrels cannot fire at the same time, but they can be fired individually, or if both cocked back they both fire but with a delay between each one. Kind of a fun gun to play with and unusual.

brett sr 
62 Cal.
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brett sr
10-10-07 05:33 PM - Post#470491    

    In response to Poor Private

I would hesitate to shoot with 25gr under a prb.
I shoot 10 to 13gr 3F in a .41smoothbore and its about all I would put in. FWIW.
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69 Cal.
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10-11-07 11:59 AM - Post#470791    

    In response to bessbattlesystem

Takeing a "WAG" at it I know Deer Creek made those and Im sure they still make most of them along with the snake eye's. 36 cal smoothbore it took around 10 to 15grs 3F, think the barrels are 3" long, call them at 765 525 6181, think they run about 100 or less. (last time I looked) Fred

58 Cal.
Posts: 2254
10-11-07 01:49 PM - Post#470847    

    In response to fw

I have the Classic Twister and load it with 15 or 16 grains of Pyrodex P and a patched .350 ball. It can penetrate a 1 inch thick pine board without trouble. I've thought about getting the snake eyes kit but I'm trying to let my credit cool off a little lately.


Robert an saa fan 
45 Cal.
Posts: 884
10-13-07 09:19 PM - Post#471764    

    In response to bessbattlesystem

I have had several of the older snake eyes... never shot one... but would load LIGHT, 10 - 13 grains as brett sr already mentioned. Remember you are not shooting out of a steel firearm, just an alloy of some unknown mixture.

A friend had an older one and if memory serves a .38 special wadcutter bullet and a very light charge of 3f worked in it.

Have not looked into the newer snake eyes.

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