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40 Cal.
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10-02-07 09:29 PM - Post#467397    

Does anyone know if there is one? I tried emailing, but it was sent back. I moved out of Nashville before I knew it was there, and keep meaning to drop in when I visit my folks. I just never quite remember to make the time. I thought it might motivate me if I knew what kind of stuff they have.

frou frou 
36 Cal.
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10-02-07 09:56 PM - Post#467410    

    In response to tnlonghunter

Pretty sure they don't have a website.

A search showed his phone # to be 615-654-4445

45 Cal.
Posts: 600
10-03-07 04:21 AM - Post#467469    

    In response to tnlonghunter

TN, Tip doesn't have a website, and he has a simple catalog listing his gun kits available and a few supplies. He has a large shop and usually has 80-100 guns on the rack, and has about anything you'd look for in parts and accesories.
He's about 6-8 minutes from the Cross Plains exit.

50 Cal.
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10-03-07 06:44 AM - Post#467480    

    In response to fw707

No e-mail, and no Catalogue, call and tell him what you are looking for. He has about everything..

40 Cal.
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10-03-07 07:19 AM - Post#467490    

    In response to akapennypincher

Does he build guns from componet sets himself? Does he have guns in the white and finished?

40 Cal.
Posts: 127
10-03-07 08:07 AM - Post#467511    

    In response to tnlonghunter

From his business card:

Tip Curtis Frontier Shop
Custom Guns
Parts and Supplies for Kentucky Rifles

P.O. Box 203
4445 Jernigan Road
Cross Plains, TN 37049

Bus: 615-654-4445
Fax: 615-654-4446

powder jack 
36 Cal.
Posts: 56
10-03-07 02:15 PM - Post#467665    

    In response to PAmuzzleshooter

Tip does sell guns in the white or finished,I bought a competition rifle from him this past spring and have well pleased with it's performance. He stocks well over 1 million bucks worth of parts and accessories and is a heck of a nice guy to deal with. He buys in bulk and a lot of his stuff is less expensive than if you buy straight from the manufacturer. Not only does he build a nice gun he can shoot too, he was the Kentucky state champion when he was 16 years old and is in his 70s now with boxes of trophys he has picked up along the way. He answered every question I asked and showed me some helpful things he thought I should know. If you get a chance to go there it will be well worth your time.

Posts: 6234
10-03-07 05:44 PM - Post#467771    

    In response to tnlonghunter

Next time you go to your folks, stop by & see him. Call first to insure he is there as he goes to lots of ML events.
He has a tremendous inventory & I have bought parts to build allot of rifles from him. He has good quality parts & you can pick & choose the parts & lay all the parts for a rifle right out there in front of ya & see what it will look like & etc. I stop by there every couple of months & see him & always enjoy the visit.

Don't plan on a short visit.... you will be there a while.......

45 Cal.
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10-03-07 08:19 PM - Post#467829    

    In response to billk

  • billk Said:
Does he build guns from componet sets himself? Does he have guns in the white and finished?

Bill, most of the guns I have seen on the rack at Tip's place are in the white. I have bought 3 guns from Tip in the last year-a .40 flinter half stock, a flinter smoothbore with a Colerain choked barrel, and a .50 caliber Lebanon rifle. They were all in the white and were built by Tip with the best quality parts you can find. All of them were well built guns for a very fair price. I'll keep buying guns from Tip every time my financial manager says it's feasible.

Many Klatch 
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Many Klatch
10-03-07 08:32 PM - Post#467835    

    In response to tnlonghunter

Tip always sets up at Friendship for the NMLRA Spring and Fall shoots and he brings all the kits with him. Friendship Indiana is closer to Michigan than Tennessee.

Many klatch

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