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45 Cal.
Posts: 671
02-05-06 09:20 AM - Post#232268    

Just wanted to say thanks to Mike for taking the time to post all that wonderful information and pictures on building a gun.
Thought I would start a new thread rather than adding to the information threads.
Great job! Your efforts are appreciatted!


Edited by Packdog on 02-05-06 09:24 AM. Reason for edit: I can't spell

40 Cal.
Posts: 389
02-05-06 09:34 AM - Post#232274    

    In response to Packdog

I second that!
I already know everything Its nice seeing firsthand how its properly done and having questions posted to the mix is a plus.

Many Thanks

45 Cal.
Posts: 880
02-05-06 09:51 AM - Post#232281    

    In response to Cherokee

I really appreciate it too..some jerk from the cable company wiped out my windows program a while back and I lost 5yrs worth of pictures and building info and everything else. He was supposed to be fixing my internet connection. Anyway thanks again Mike I got all you've posted saved and will use it many times.

45 Cal.
Posts: 671
02-05-06 10:38 AM - Post#232303    

    In response to Hoyt

Looks like I posted in the wrong forum. I hope one of the moderators will be kind enough to move.

40 Cal.
Posts: 389
02-05-06 10:45 AM - Post#232309    

    In response to Packdog

I knew that

Sorry I just had to with my previous post

Mike Brooks 
Posts: 6686
02-05-06 11:00 AM - Post#232317    

    In response to Packdog

Well, thanks guys. I'll be finishing up that tutorial in the next couple days. I have plans to do several more. Stock lay out, engraving, carving, etc. in more detail in the future.

50 Cal.
Posts: 1249
02-05-06 02:47 PM - Post#232424    

    In response to Mike Brooks


I just want to add that I also appreciate your work. I have tinkered for 30 years with these things, I really like seeing how a professional does it.


Passed On
Posts: 17538
02-05-06 04:59 PM - Post#232498    

    In response to Mike Brooks

Mike: I join in congratulating you for this fine set of photos and descriptions. It is truly a tutorial, and anyone would be nuts not to review them before working on a gun, no matter how much experience he has! I was fascinated how you resolved some problems I have run into. You solved problems and showed us how to do things I still have not really thought too much about. Thanks again for a fine education.I am sure you will inspire many people to either build those guns that are laying around as parts, or even consider to take up gun building as both a hobby, or part-time career.

36 Cal.
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02-06-06 08:42 AM - Post#232763    

    In response to paulvallandigham

Mike my only complaint about your tutorial is that you din't start it back in October when I started building my first gun. Other than that I have really appreciated and enjoyed your efforts.


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