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12-26-05 12:51 PM - Post#211700    

I just received a beautiful little 1/4 scale cannon on naval carriage from the Jefferson Armory. The whole she-bang weighs 75 pounds, including tube, carriage, carrying box, and its scaled-sized implements.

The only thing it DIDN'T come with is a linstock; and scale model or no, I would still want to be the full distance from the vent, for safety reasons.

Does anyone know of a supplier for an 1815-era linstock?

Capt. William

Cpt Ed 
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12-27-05 06:19 AM - Post#211988    

    In response to Capt_William

I purchased mine from "The Sutler of Mount Misery" located in Pennsylvania. Here is the link. It is a first class Linstock.

40 Cal.
Posts: 420
12-31-05 10:20 AM - Post#213990    

    In response to Cpt Ed

Thanks, Cpt. Ed. I've heard they have good products. But for those prices, I think I will try to make one. They don't look too complicated to make.

Capt. William

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12-31-05 12:25 PM - Post#214035    

    In response to Capt_William

They are really pretty easy to make.... can be as simple as a hole drilled in a stick. Take a look at the copper tubing fittings at your local hardware store. Here's the one I made.

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