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Mark Lewis 
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Mark Lewis
09-29-05 05:33 AM - Post#173243    

    In response to TNtrapper

Here is what a correctly made capote should look like.

54 Cal.
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09-29-05 09:21 AM - Post#173337    

    In response to Mark Lewis

Swampman,I could not agree with you more.I am Native and do 17th and 18th century Caughnawaga Mohawk from Quebec up to about 1770.I have two correct capotes both with plain cuffs in medium brown and dark blue.Trade capote cuffs were in all likelihood not made with buttons nor were they made with boot cuffs such as Louie's example shows. After all we were but poor Sauvages.My blue capote is heavily beaded as per a 17th century example
To see this capote 1.go to
2.Second row hit"Images"
3.go to 300th aniversary Deerfield raid
4.See pic.6 for me in my beaded capote
See pic.2 for my Ottawa nephew

This capote and the one sold by Louie are what a 17th and 18th century capote should look like.Louie owes me for this "unsolicited" endorsement and I will collect from him at Ft.Ti next year.For those who would like to know more about capotes I recommend:
"The Canadian Capot{Capote} by Francis Back,The Museum of the Fur trade Quarterly,Vol.27 No.3 Fall 1991

"The Dress Of The First Voyageurs,1650-1715 by Francis Back,Museum Of The Fur Trade Quarterly Vol.36,No.2 Summer 1992.Note the outside back cover for a painting by Francis Back of a French Canadian in winter dress wearing a capot.

"Costume in New France From 1740-1760 A Visual Dictionary" by Suzanne and Andre Gousse.There's a lot of good material on French Canadian dress including Capotes.

I hope this helps clear out some of the cobwebs concerning Capotes.It should be noted,however, that there were a few variations with one being ties in the front and piping in various colors.
Tom Patton
The French make great allies for Indians

Mark Lewis 
69 Cal.
Posts: 3370
Mark Lewis
09-29-05 03:29 PM - Post#173519    

    In response to Okwaho

Nice site, I hope to get a capote made up similar to one on a colored drawing I found called "French Travler." I think it's late 18c. or early 19th c. It has no cuffs. The blanket it is made from is white with a dark stripe and a tiny red stripe on each side.

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