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04-27-05 09:56 PM - Post#111269    

I'm a newbie so this may seem like a dumb question.

I'm having a custom made Lancaster rifle (approx. 1780's) made for me. I'm curious as to what would be typical period clothing to go with that kind of rifle. My wife asked me, and I said a "Daniel Boone" style fringed leather shirt.

Is that a correct option? Or is that wrong for a Lancaster rifle?

As I said, I don't really have a clue. I caught the flintlock bug watching Fess Parker on TV as a kid, so the Daniel Boone look appeals to me. But I would not want to look dumb to somebody who knows their period clothing better than me.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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04-28-05 01:18 AM - Post#111302    

    In response to SeattleSteve

Steve: I'm no expert, but for that period, a rifle frock or caped wrap and trousers or leggings and breechcloth would go well with moccasins and a low-crowned broad-brimmed hat or tricorn. I'm sure some of the other fellas who really know their stuff will chime in.
Congrats on the swell rifle.

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04-28-05 07:10 AM - Post#111327    

    In response to SeattleSteve

Try this, they portray a Rev war continental rifle company. This is not like a frontier militia or long hunter. This is a group that portrays members of a regular army unit that campaigned in New York, includuing the Sullivan expedition, New Jersey and PA.
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04-28-05 07:11 AM - Post#111328    

    In response to SeattleSteve

first, forget everything you have seen on TV. The 1780s is well researched and alot of info is available online or in various books. Your actual clothes will depend on what personna you select, backwoods hunter, gentleman farmer, merchant, etc. The basic dress of the period was a pair of (knee) breeches (trousers were around, but considered low class or for military wear), a shirt (your basic underwear), a waistcoat (vest, with or without sleeves), and some sort of coat or matchcoat blanket, with stockings, shoes or mocs and some sort of hat (round, tricorn, etc..). the styles of these various items changed overe the years so you have to watch for that and research it--for example, the length of waistcoat changed and the style of fly on the breeches, etc...materials are also important considerations. Some backwoodsmen adopted more Indian dress and would substitute breechclout and leggins for breeches or trousers. Leggins were often worn with breeches as well. There are abundant examples online with a diligent google search--plus you can go to sites that sell period clothing for examples, eg Bushwoman, Ghost Forge, etc...

Johnny Tremain 
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Johnny Tremain
04-28-05 07:37 PM - Post#111523    

    In response to SeattleSteve

Hey Steve,

Here are 65 guys right in your hood.

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