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Welcome to The Muzzleloading Forum!

The goal of this site is to build a friendly, online community where people can share information and learn about History, Reenacting and Traditional Muzzleloading Firearms. We encourage you to take a look at the Forums, to see what we have to offer, and join the over 24,000 members already taking advantage of this wealth of information.

Guests (non-registered) may read the discussions, but they may not post. Free Registration gives you the ability to:

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and much, much more

Premium Membership is optional and it gives you access to some additional features. (see chart)

We encourage you to join our community and reap the full benefits of free membership.

All we require is a valid email address. We don't share that information and we don't send you spam.

Unsolicited comments from our Members

"I've learned more about muzzleloaders here, than I've learned in the last twenty years."
"Thanks, fellers. One of the great things about this forum is the patience shown to new-comers."
"I've been shooting them for about 30 years, yet I've learned more in my short time here than all the years before."
"I've learned more in my few short months here than in decades of shooting before. Great folks too."
"Learned more about PC firearms here in 2 days than I have in the last 2 years of surfing the web."
"This is the first forum I've ever joined, but after reading some of the posts on different subjects here, I think I'm in the right company."
"Unbelievable forum. I was into BP 20 years ago but lost interest and sold my stuff. Now with the kids growing up and leaving the nest my interest has rekindled. There is so much info on this forum it's mind boggling. I love it."
"I am a newbie to black powder shooting, but read everything in books and on the internet that I could find. I was having trouble getting tight groupings until reading this thread."
“Your Forum is most appreciated. I try to visit first thing in the morning and last thing I do before turning in at night. Great way to start and finish the day." “Never on any forum I have ever been a member of, have the fellow members and admins been so friendly, helpful and generous especially to a newcomer.”
"This place is great for information and tips. I've learned more here in my short time than in all my years of shooting."
"From humor, helpful hints and tricks of the trade, this place has it all. You cant find better technical info anywhere."
"Just wanted to say thanks for all the help I've gotten from everybody on this forum. I've learned more stumbling around here the past couple weeks than I have in my 2 yrs of muzzleloading."
"I just wanted to take a moment and tell you that I think you have a great website! I don't post too much, but I have found a ton of information just from reading the posts! GREAT JOB!"
"Without this site I would have thrown my ML in a box and never looked at them again. (due to bad info from others) This site is great!"
"I learned a lot in the last ten minutes. I never would have considered a flinter if not for this forum."
"I have been around a lot of forums. I have to say that this one is the best. The reason is the quality of the people here. Every question I post is answered, and not by some smart-a$$ know-it-all, but by some very knowledgeable, helpful people. We all had to learn somewhere. How refreshing in this world today.
"I've had experience with other forums, one here in my own province and couldn't get answers to serious questions, just B/S. I've made a couple of inquiries here and received lots of GREAT advice. I very seldom go to other sites now that I've found TMF."
"Just wanted to say thanks for all the advice and feedback. Glad to be associated with this "caliber" of people."
"This is the greatest learning tool for our hobby that I have ever seen."
"Special thanks to the Moderators who put up with all of us!"

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