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Claude Mathis
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I was born in San Diego, California. Over the years I've worked in the outdoor industry both in retail and as the owner of an outfitter service that took clients canoeing, rock climbing and backpacking. I currently do computer consulting and web design.

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I was born in 1959 and have lived in the same geographic area since – in or near Binghamton, NY. Currently we have a 20 acre "hobby farm" with a flock of chickens and raise a goodly chunk of our own food. I am a lifelong lover of the water and fishing, and we own a 17 foot sailboat currently, down from a 34 footer on Lake Ontario and a dozen others over the years.

My first muzzleloader was a .36 T/C Seneca percussion I purchased in 1976, followed soon by a .54 T/C Renegade. A slew of various cap-locks and rock-locks followed.

A graduate of Binghamton University with a B.S. in Organizational Behavior with an emphasis in accounting, as well as dual associate degrees in accounting and business administration. Started out in chemical engineering after high school but took a Greyhound bus to California with this cute little number I met in the college aviation club instead of returning for the second year. Returned home and swapped majors, but kept the girl. We were married in 1980 a week after I graduated and she is still my wife and best friend. I started out as a purchaser for a metal foundry but somehow got sucked into accounting, which I taught along with economics and business math at Elmira Business Institute at one time. Served as a municipal comptroller of the City of Binghamton and currently am business manager of a wastewater treatment plant.

I didn't start hunting in earnest until after I was married in 1980 and have put some four dozen whitetail and one fallow deer on the meat-pole in that span. I've taken bucks with rifle, shotgun, cedar arrows from a recurve, and muzzleloaders (smooth and rifled). My camp name "Stumpkiller" was given by my bowhunting mentor because he noted I liked using blunts on stumps more than the actual hunting.

I have found a pleasure in flintlocks; my most recent three being a Kit Ravenshear 1759 L.I. fusil, a John Donelson .54 Lehigh/Northampton rifle and a lovely Mike Brooks English fowler of 16 bore. Still a pilgrim in reenactment, I never lost my love for hiking, backpacking and camping from Boy Scouts and am transitioning that into trekking. I build and fly radio-controlled aeroplanes as a hobby. Muzzleloading is a lifestyle.

Moderator - Profile

Born in Iowa in 1943 and moved to Arizona in 1950.
My wife and I have been married for 38 years and we have two sons and one grandson.
I started shooting when I was 9 years old and haven't stopped yet.

I have an AA degree from Phoenix College in Engineering Design and a BA from Arizona State University in Industrial Arts Secondary Education.

Following graduation, I worked for 39 years for a company which manufactures Gas Turbine and Fanjet Engines. During this period, I worked as a Tool Crib attendant, Tool and Gage Designer, Machine designer, and Quality Control Engineer. My last position which I held for 25 years was in Auxiliary Power Engineering as a Principal (Lead) Design Engineer.
I have recently retired.

I like hunting, fishing, target shooting, reloading, motorcycle riding, sports car racing, building guns, playing the guitar, studying Firearm history and being on this Forum.

My first Blackpowder gun was a .44 caliber Kentuckian Flintlock and a .44 caliber 1851 Colt style pistol that I bought in 1971.

I built my first CVA Rifle kit in 1975 and my first Pecatonica River parts kit gun in 1995. I have been building Black Powder guns ever sense.

Moderator - Profile

I was born in 1966 in Central Illinois. My family sold the farm and moved to town, Pekin, when I was 2 years old. Other than a year in Kansas, I've lived here ever since.

Vacationed in Arkansas and Missouri a lot when I was a kid so some hillbilly rubbed off on me.

In 1988 I married my high school sweetheart and we're still happily married with one daughter. She's a great kid.

I am employed as a Auto Service Technician specializing in suspension repair and alignment. They can't call me a Mechanic 'cause I don't work on engines. Been getting paid for it for over 20 years now.

When I was 6 years old my Grandpa gave me my first BB gun. I was fascinated by guns as long as I remember and that pretty much sealed the deal.

Around 1990 I bought a used CVA Frontier 'cause it was a good deal, but it just sat in the gun cabinet for several years. I didn't know what to do with it.

In the meanwhile I got hooked on deer hunting. Actually started with a bow. Then I got a shotgun tag the next year. Went from a pump the first year to an autoloader the second. After a few years I switched to a single-shot 'cause I figgered that was all it really takes. All my huntin' buddies made fun of it.

Another buddy from Michigan said "You're gettin' there. Now you just need to switch to blackpowder". Got me thinkin'. By then I had the CVA.

At that time IL had weird rules(still do) and it was hard to get ML tags. I applied several times before I got one. Then I had to figger out how to shoot my CVA.

That's when the fun really started! The Blackpowder Bug bit me hard! Now I have too many MLers and the CF shotguns are gathering dust.

I have been a member here since 2005 and hope to be around for years to come. I've learned more than I knew there was to learn, found there's more to MLing than just deer hunting, found that I have an interest in American History that eluded me in school, laughed my butt off, wiped a few tears from my eye, and met some folks I am proud to call friend.

I will always do anything I can to help the muzzleloading forum and it's members. I'm honored to be part of this fine group of people.

Moderator - Profile

I was born and raised in northern New Jersey in the '50's - a city boy I guess you could say… but I always longed to be in the outdoors. I'd watch "Lassie" and "Rin Tin Tin" on TV and wish I lived on a farm or a ranch! I spent my high school years in southern New Hampshire and loved it! Music was a big part of my life from the age of five right on through college, majoring in both music as well as Bible. I've played keyboard instruments (piano, organ, synthesizers) professionally for over 30 years but along the way, in the '80's, plugged into a "real job" in IT (Information Technologies). I currently work in disaster recovery services for the largest IT company in the world. Working in "corporate America", with computers, PDA's, cell phones, plastic, and "virtual" everything else… makes me long all the more for escaping into the world of the "real" stuff like wood, iron, leather, bone, horn, linen, wool, etc.!

First & foremost, I love my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ and I'm a devoted family man - married with 5 children (3 grown up and 2 young 'uns). I'm also presently a church music director. All that's enough to keep me busy, but I've got way too many other "hobbies" as well…

A late bloomer when it comes to hunting… but when I killed my first deer (with a bow) on my first day hunting at the age of 45, I was hooked – big time! I also enjoy chasing pheasants & turkeys and fly fishing here in Penn's Woods!

Although never a "history buff" as such, since my first trip to Williamsburg as a kid, I've had a love for 18th century colonial America… the music, the guns, the clothes, the architecture… everything except the absence of modern plumbing! Well, all these interests started coming together for me with "living history". I found that I could incorporate an 18th century slant into anything I chose to… music, cooking, family camping, even hunting the way they did 250 years ago – with a flint and blackpowder. History has actually become interesting to me and I'm trying to pass that down to my children! I can still remember the first time I fired a flintlock… whoa… my eyes widened and I was in love!

The Muzzleloading Forum has been a great help to me along this path and I'm glad to be able to help out here in return.

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