1. The Classifieds are available for members to sell or trade their personal items. They are not meant to be used as a business listing. That is, you must list a specific item. Please do not list your company and a general description of your products or your commercial web site URL.

  2. You may only list merchandise you own. You may not list items for other people.

  3. Do not place links to other classifieds or auctions in your ad.

  4. Regular Members may have 1 ad at any one time.

  5. Premium Members may have unlimited ads.

  6. You may list only one (1) item per ad.

  7. DO NOT advertise your classified ad in the forums or post photos of the Classified item in the forums. DO NOT post an ad that contains something you made and have already posted in the forums.

  8. You may not list items for sale or auction that are already being offered on other sites.

  9. You may not list inline muzzleloaders or firearms that require a Federal Firearms License for the transaction.

  10. Cartridge firearms or parts may not be listed.

  11. Only firearms that load through the muzzle and percussion pistols may be listed. No breechloaders.

  12. You may not list black powder, black powder substitutes or percussion caps.

  13. Modern, in-line muzzleloading firearms may not be listed.

  14. "Conversion cylinders" that allow percussion guns to fire a cartridge, may not be listed.

  15. Using PayPal for firearms transactions is a violation of the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy. Check the PayPal policy before using PayPal.

  16. If you wish to keep your email address private, do not put it in your listing. People can contact you by clicking "Contact Seller".

  17. When you sell an item, please click "Sold", as opposed to deleting your ad.

  18. The Muzzleloading Forum is not responsible for the content of the Classified Ads and is not liable for any misinformation contained in the ads or for the actions of the sellers. You use the Classified Ads at your own risk.

  19. Please do not place images in the body of your ad (It messes up the formatting of the pages). You may upload the image files to the Classifieds or include links to off-site images.

  20. Maximum file size of photos - 200K. Maximum dimensions - 800 pixels.

These guidelines are subject to change without notice